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3 Nintendo Switch Games You Should Cop Purely For Their Aesthetics!

3 Nintendo Switch Games You Should Cop Purely For Their Aesthetics!

Well, hello there. I'm sure you've already seen the new Steam Deck pictures and videos going around, as well as rumors of a brand new Switch release in the near future... Before all that happens, we'd like to list some of our top picks for the current Switch console that you should cop real soon, since they're due in August!
A very aesthetically styled hack-and-slash type where you take on the role of Travis Touchdown, and his signature Beam Katana! It's like Star Wars meets Yakuza. Comical yet gory, this is a game you definitely should check out if you're into the hack-and-slash genre.
Travis Touchdown Beam Katana
RPG lovers are literally fanboying right now. 
Loved the Witcher? Well, you're in the right spot then! Baldo’s kinda similar, just a 1000x cuter. This is one of the most anticipated releases on Switch and is an action-adventure RPG with some of the most fluid animation styles on this platform. Dive into the world of Rodia (sounds suspiciously like Rivia) and discover new lands, solve puzzles and quests and explore the open world map!
Baldo Nintendo Switch GIF
Another banger coming to Switch on August 5 is Dreamscaper… An awesome rogue-like game with a walking/dreaming cycle! Daytime is okay but nighttime is when it gets crazy… It’s when you go deep inside your subconscious and battle your nightmares!
Truly bringing the dark aesthetic to life! Psst... it's also available on Steam!
 Dreamscaper GIF
That’s it for this time, folks – if you’re still here then why not check some of our new Vaporwave stuff? We think you’d really like it ;)

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