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Washing & Care

Our shirts at Iced Tea Aesthetics are made out of 100% soft cotton, our hoodies and sweaters are made out of 50-80% cotton. To ensure they stay soft and cuddly, we recommend treating them extra nicely.

Washing & Drying
You can throw your shirts and hoodies in the wash, they enjoy the bath and love the water. Just make sure that you keep these in mind :

  • They are turned inside out (print on the inside)
  • They are washed with similar colors
  • They are not washed at more than 30°C/90°F
  • You don't use bleach
  • Try avoid drying them with a machine, heat and cotton are not nice friends. You can get away with putting them in the drier with 'delicate' settings if you absolutely need to use the dryer.
  • Do not iron on the print.Turn the shirt inside out and iron on the backside.